In the heart of Carthage, the Street Department stands as the quiet guardian of our town’s roads and infrastructure. Through their dedication and hard work, they maintain our streets, ensuring safe passage for all, especially during harsh weather. With a commitment to excellence, they uphold the town’s integrity, ensuring that Carthage remains a welcoming and smoothly connected community for all who call it home.

The Street Department of Carthage has a storied history deeply entwined with the town’s evolution. Originating from humble beginnings as a small team tasked with basic road upkeep, it has grown in tandem with Carthage itself.

Back in the early days, the Street Department was a modest crew, primarily focused on maintaining dirt roads and pathways essential for horse-drawn carriages and early automobiles. As the town flourished, so did the responsibilities of this department. With the advent of new technologies and transportation advancements, their tasks expanded to include paving roads, constructing sidewalks, and implementing modern drainage systems.

The evolution wasn’t merely about physical infrastructure; it mirrored the changing needs of the community. The Street Department adapted to the growing population, increased traffic, and seasonal challenges. Through decades of progress, they’ve been integral in implementing innovations like snow plows for harsh winters and eco-friendly approaches for maintaining green spaces.

Over time, the Street Department became a symbol of resilience and adaptability. Their unwavering commitment to keeping Carthage’s thoroughfares safe and accessible, while embracing technological advancements and sustainable practices, reflects not only the department’s history but also its forward-looking approach to serving the town.

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6 W First Street
Carthage, IN 46115

Monday-Tuesday 9:45am-5:00pm 

Closed on Wednesday

Thursday-Friday 9:45am-5:00pm 

Generally Closed for Lunch From 1:00pm-2:00pm

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