A Brief History of our Town

Carthage was platted in 1834. The town was named after Carthage, North Carolina. A post office has been in operation at Carthage since 1835. One major historical building that still stands in Carthage today is, the Henry Henley Public Library

The Henry Henley Public Library stands as a cherished cornerstone of knowledge and community in Carthage, Indiana. Named in honor of Henry Henley, a visionary figure in the town’s history, this institution traces its roots back to the early 20th century when a group of dedicated citizens advocated for a public library to enrich the lives of Carthage residents.

Established in 1901, the library began its journey in a modest space, fueled by donations of books and the passion of volunteers. Over the decades, it evolved into a vibrant hub of learning and connection, expanding its collection, services, and programming to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Throughout its history, the Henry Henley Public Library has weathered challenges and embraced advancements, transitioning from traditional stacks of books to a modern resource center embracing digital technologies and educational resources. Its mission remains unwavering: to be a beacon of literacy, education, and community engagement for all ages in Carthage.

Today, the library stands not just as a repository of books but as a dynamic space hosting various events, workshops, and resources, fostering a love for learning and serving as a gathering place for residents. Its rich history and continuous evolution reflect the enduring commitment to knowledge and community that defines the spirit of Carthage.

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Town of Carthage platted

Carthage, IN, a town steeped in history and community, was officially plotted in 1834, marking the beginning of its enduring legacy.


Post office put into operation

In 1835, Carthage, IN, took a significant step forward with the opening of its post office, further solidifying its place as a thriving hub for the community.


Henry Henley Public Library established

The Henry Henley Public Library, a cherished institution in Carthage, Indiana, traces its roots back to 1901, growing from humble beginnings into a vibrant center of knowledge and community enrichment.

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